Qsearch [ MsAccess ][VB]

This is a program made in Microsoft Access which requires Visual Basic programming.It is made for a company called Aspirasi Awansari based in Malaysia doing advertising merchandise. The company was in many years saving its database of quotations in hardcopy (paper+folders) and saving its documents in word and on a systematic folder systems.But because their database has grown too large to handle in that system and searching for data is a pain in the arse.Therefore they were looking for a new system.Which lead me to research and design Qsearch(quotation search). Not only that , i have also developed a JAVA program called Qextractor that scans thru all their word documents folder by folder and extract data from the document and saves it into a few text files in CSV(comma separated value) format. Therefore enabling MSAccess assimilate with the old database.Please refer to Qextractors post for more details

Because the employee was familiar with the way they worked on the quotation which was using MSWord so i also included a print to MSword button that enables them after inputing data on new quotation into acces then transfer those data in word in a standard format then let them edit the document with necessary changes before sending in to their customers.

Below is the link to the MSACCESS file. Please refer to Qextractor for the java program.

>> Qsearch [Download]

*Note remember to press shift when clicking on open when opening Qsearch to enable editing mode.
(made on MSACCESS 2003)

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