TEAM PROJECT 2 [TempSensor]

click on vertices(white circle points) to show the temperature for that instance.

Load >> [TempSensor]

This was a team project ,my teammates:
and we are onUQ’s Honour Board (BEST TEAM)

Stuart Mckenzie
Nathan Ting
Fadley Mohd.
chee chien,chew (ME 😉 )

This is a working product, although we could only transmit 2m ;(
Basically the product is divided into 4 parts


[PC LISTENER] (java)

[click here to download report 5- Final design report]

(some image from the report)


Final result
Mechanical layout
Electical diagram

Final result

Mechanical layout

Electrical diagram

Mathematical illustration of artifical 3d coordinates (read the report)

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