Webapp to help Malaysians get help for punctured tyres and empty petrol problems. Started out as brainstorming session for Azfar an intern for Tandemic at the time. After proposing the idea to Azfar for his final assignment I thought it’s an idea that could be taken forward, so approached Azfar to help complete the project. Spent a weekend coding and was able to come out with a very basic Minimum Viable Product.

Decided not to move the project forward because :

  • could not see monetary potential as we were targeting a market that was trying to save a much as possible.
  • users and service providers have low probability of owning a smartphone
  • online payment is hard for our target market therefore we would not be able to monetize on the services provided.

NOTE: All the above are assumptions by myself, no real life user usage was surveyed, tested or validated.

Could potentially be making money from ads. Could just work as a listing system. Have some chance to revive the project if database of service providers could be expanded and the app then promoted through motorbike clubs and learning schools.

Interested to revive this project?

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January 4, 2014

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