We Malaysians are very proud of our food.This is thanks to our multicultural traits. Our food is highly flavourful.

That is our problem there because its too flavorful. Most often its because theres too much seasoning like salt and sugar. And due to this we have been slow to adapt to healthy eating.

This is our solution, CleanBites an introduction to healthy food. We are like the kindergarten of healthy food. Focusing on gradually training malaysians food palette and change their perception about healthy food. Our food has 3 levels. At each level we introduce healthier choices.

We are here to supplement the healthier eating dream. To promote transparency and sustainability in the food industry we will showcase our local suppliers who are doing the same. Like organic food and treating their livestocks well. We will also work with Ecocentric Transitions to teach and promote home grown foods and environment empathy within the restaurant.

We will also practice and teach zero waste . Our recyclable solid waste will be recycled, food waste will be turn into compost (which can then be used by our home farmers as compost) and oil will be turned into biodiesel by Fat hopes energy.


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April 23, 2014

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