We are creating the first application in the world that teaches people languages through simplification and we are super excited!

EasyRead helps young adults and professionals learn new languages while reading content that is of interest to them at their specific difficulty level.

Imagine this Japanese businessman. His name is Aki and 10 years ago he moved to the US where he opened up a sushi restaurant. The business is going pretty well, especially with the help from his two daughters who quickly picked up on the English. Aki spends most of his time in the kitchen, and never really learned the language. He doesn’t feel comfortable going out socializing because his English level is so low.

He has tried learning through books, but he feels really embarrassed and demotivated having to read children’s books, when he wants to read about food art.

We have a solution for Aki.

We have developed an algorithm that helps our crowd-sourced team around the world create simplified versions of real publications. This means that Aki will now be able to read Jamie’s Kitchen by Jamie Oliver at a basic level of English – He will enjoy himself while learning a new language. EasyRead provides 3 language levels, which means that when Aki has improved his English he can advance to the next level and keep improving.

We are ready to take language learning to the next level. EasyRead, Learn like a Pro


  • Technology 100%
  • Marketing 50%
  • Research 60%
  • Marketing 100%
  • Research 60%
  • Outreach 80%
  • Research 100%
  • Marketing 60%
  • Outreach 80%

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