PCKT - Designer Ang Pows

Redesigning the Red Packet

The idea sparked when I received a really well designed family surname ang pow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_envelope) during Chinese New Year and I was thinking it would really be nice to be able to give your ang pows with your surname it’s history and all. I have always had a habit of collecting really nice ang pows, but of late the design is starting to bore me, they look the same every year with the same design theme.

So I was thinking to sell designer Ang Pows, and to have vast amout of designs it should be crowdsourced, and to keep this low risk we will start with the Pre-Sale model. Where only designs that has demand of more than the MOQ will be printed.

In summary it is threadless for ang pows. 

So i started to talk to a few designers and Shawn Chen jumped on board to be PCKT’s first Designer Ambassador.

Shawn Chen

Graphic designer .

  • Counter Name 50%
  • Portfolio Themes 80%
  • Themes 10%

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