phpmyadmin 404 error Digital ocean ubuntu setup

phpmyadmin 404 error Digital ocean ubuntu setup

Wanted to document a problem that is so trivial that I think would be a very common problem that most people would have due to a terrible sin of UX. So to help people who faced the same problem I did hope this would help when searching for a fix for this problem.

Here I was trying to install phpmyadmin in Digitalocean on a droplet I had wordpress install as a oneclick option during the creation of the droplet. Therefore the settings are pretty standard.

Installation process pretty standard as well. This was the guide i used

btw the guide’s restart command didn’t work for me , the restart command that work was :

Now then I face a 404 error page when i tried to log in to my domainname/phpmyadmin.

After an hour of research and on the verge of giving up I found the solution here:

apache2 phpymyadin forgot spacebar 404 error

All because i forgot to press spacebar to select apache2 and pressed “enter” which proceeded without selecting it ….. UX SIN. Anyway the fix is easy fully uninstall phpmyadmin and go through the process again . The article above suggests a reconfiguration which i tried but ran into some problems. So a fresh reinstall is a better option.

Once i was done I wanted to disable it. Also checkout here on a more secure way to use phpmyadmin and other options

You can disable phpMyAdmin by disabling the module configuration.

Enable it with

Hope this helps.


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