Increasing WordPress upload limit in digitalocean

Increasing WordPress upload limit in digitalocean

Server : Ubuntu WordPress on 14.04 –  automatic wordpress install by digitalocean

Was exporting posts from old site and importing into new site, few things I learned:

  1. WordPress exports in xml format images link are included
  2. So when you import on the new site it will automatically download the images with url provided in the xml export


There was a memory limit in uploading it was just 8mb but my file was 8.7mb.

So solution was to increase the limit. [1]
Login to your digitalocean server, if you dont know how easiest way is to access the webconsole by digitalocean

digitalocean sky chew console access

digitalocean console access

Vim ../etc/php5/apache2/php/ini
to find your php.ini refer here.[3]

(VIM cheatsheet)

Remember to restart the apache server

sudo service apache2 restart




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