Sync facebook Events with Google Calendar

So I was trying to manage my google calendar when I realised its not synced to my facebook events like my ipad does. So I went to google it and found out that Facebook actually allows that sync to happen via a url connection.

The original post with the instructions was dated 2009 from original article.

So decided to just update it with some new screenshots the steps are still the same. Basically go to facebook events page get the url and add it as your “other calendar” in google calendar.

Screen Shot 08-12-14 at 10.38 AMScreen Shot 08-12-14 at 10.38 AM 001



bottom right corner of your facebook events page.

Screen Shot 08-12-14 at 10.58 AM 001Screen Shot 08-12-14 at 10.59 AM



Paste into your google others calendar.


Screen Shot 08-12-14 at 11.06 AM



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