Creating a custom template page for theEventsCalendar display

So I needed to integrate the way theEventsCalendar plugin was display the events with my template. Because the plugin works independently, meaning the plugin has its own way of displaying data or in this case events I could not leverage on the template’s inbuilt page builder. Instead I have to manually build the page.

So First step was to create a separate template for this purpose. Again I could not leverage on the single purpose page method because it is not a typical page it is the plugins own page. So I just duplicated the default page.php template and gave it a unique name


TheEventsCalendar custom template sky

TheEventsCalendar custom template sky

I named it theEventsCalendar custom 001  and file name is  theEventsCalendar_custom_001.php

Looked at the output that I wanted from other normal pages that was built by the template builder. Copy the generated HTML and paste it in the correct location. For me it is where the title was so i disabled the title and paste my html codes.




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